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Hands on Math, 2018


Hands on Math Session at the Crowfoot Library (in the Program Room)

Friday April 6th 2018

1:30-3:30 PM


Join us for two hours of fun, games, and crafts all about Math. This is a no anxiety event where children can see that Math can be fun and shared with friends. We'll play mathematical board games, and learn a few new concepts like: Nets, 3D cubes with Escher like designs (tessalations) and how they fold, ri- and hexa- hexaflexagons, Mastermind.
The following supplies will be needed:

- Scissors

- 4 colored crayons

- Scotch tape

- glue stick

- 1-2 Tea Light (LED only please), or you can borrow one from us.


We’ll also bring a some of these supplies but we want to make sure no one gets left out, so extras will help. We are looking forward to meeting you all! We'll send out one more reminder a couple of days before the event.


Cost: Free.


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Hands on Math, 2017


Hands on Math Session at the Crowfoot Library (in the Meeting Room)

Sat, March 11, 2017


We'll learn about the Mobius Strip, Menger Cube, and Borromean Rings. The purpose is to introduce students to the kind of Math they don't get to see in school, inspire and just have fun.

Activities are hands on paper projects, measuring, examining the forms, etc.


Materials needed: scissors, scotch tape, 3 crayons: red, blue, and green, a sharpie. We’ll provide: playdough, printouts, measuring tape.

Cost: Free


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Volunteers: 2 grade 6 volunteers, 2 grade 7 volunteers, and 1 grade 10 volunteer.



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Coding with Scratch


Nov 7-13, 2016

Calgary Public Library, Crowfoot

Cost: Free



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