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Welcome to the Sharp Books Series. Here you can find our latest work, errata, and resources for published books.


Math-Art Compilations

Click on the images below to navigate to the YouTube tutorials.


3D Paper Snowflake Tutorial



Paper Torus

Revisit how identical parts made of curved planes determined the shape of the volume of the torus.


Kusudama Star

This is an excellent way to experience the concept of Modularity, frequently used in Math and Computer Science. See also:


Escher Cube and Tessellations

Use the following cube templates to fold a cube

Zoom into GIF...   Zoom into GIF...


Click here to see how to fold into cubes.


 If you find it useful, overlap with this cube template. It has the same proportions as the tessellation above.

Download the cube template (PDF)

You will have to experiment with scaling your printing to fit them together. A better way is to pre-match the pieces digitally with a graphic software like Sketchbook or Adobe Photoshop.






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