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Math Club Suggestions

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Venn Diagrams

Borromean Rings

Mobius Strip

Menger Sponge



Group Age: 4 - 7

Project: Venn Diagrams

Rings (black and white to color)


Rings (colored)


Project: Addition Games (*new)

You will need two dice and a printout of the following three files:

  1. Playing Cards
  2. Addition Form
  3. Instructions




Group Age: 8+

Project: Borromean Rings

Borromean Rings (black and white - student will have to color)


Rings (already colored needs only cutting out)

Supplies: printout of one of the above pages, scotch tape, scissors.


Project: Mobius Strip

Construction paper will be provided.

Supplies: scotch tape, scissors, sharpie.

No printouts necessary.



Group Age: 11+

Project: Menger Sponge

Supplies: a few printouts will be supplied. The group will work together to make a few cubes using scotch tape and scissors.

A few batches of playdough and wooden cubes will be provided.

These are the cube printouts we'll use:

Menger Sponge Progression,

Cube 1

Cube 2

Cube 3

Cube 4
Task: Menger Sponge Calculations,


Project: Fibonacci

May add this project if there is time.




While you are waiting for your friends to complete their projects...

Click on the image to play with the Virtual Rubik Cube app.


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