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Early Math Concepts, Volume 1
by Lex Sharp


Early Math Concepts, Volume 1


Conceptual Learning

Sharp Series

Author: Lex Sharp


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Released: February 10, 2017

Language: English

Publisher: Fields of Code Inc.

Formats: Amazon Kindle Textbook, Paperback

Length: 130 pages


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The Early Math Concepts series provide chapters of enrichments listed by increasing difficulty. The book is targeted at ages 8-18, organized so each age can find interest through the visual, intriguing and interactive elements. No prerequisites are required. Book resources include: Online Quizzes, Videos, Printables, and Hands on Projects.

The series walks learners gradually through algorithms, diagrams, logical thinking, and in-depth conceptual learning practices that deliver a learning model that can be repeated by the student with any curriculum.

Each chapter ends with an anonymous, online self-grading quiz that tests the student’s understanding of the subject. Several chapters contain hands-on projects linked to online videos and printables.

The topics covered: Venn Diagrams, Logical Operators, Fractals, Volume and Surface Calculations, Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio, Introduction to Knot Theory, and The Mobius Strip. These were infused with short introductions to Geometry, Topology, and Computer Science principles such as Algorithm Design and Analysis.

A secondary goal of the series is to introduce a variety of Mathematical concepts that makes reading scientific articles enjoyable at any age, and to tie Math into Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.



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