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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:  I am using OverDrive with the Calgary Public Library. Certain eBooks cannot be read with the OverDrive app. I am still able to check them out, but how do I read them?

I get this error message:

PDF eBook

This format doesn’t work on this device.


A1:  Follow this link for the answer.


Q: I have never used Amazon Kindle before, how do I create an account, purchase eBooks, etc.?


A: Download a PDF help file to help create your account, install the app, and purchase eBooks.


Q2:  I downloaded the free eBook version. How do I submit an amazon review?


A2:  Follow this link for an answer.


Q3:  I don't own a Kindle. Do I need to purchase a tablet to read Amazon Kindle eBooks?


A3:  No.
Install the free Kindle software on any computer. Then load the eBooks purchased on the Amazon website and read on your computer.

Follow this link for installation instructions.


Q4:  I am willing to post a review but I don't want my real name to appear publicly.

How do I edit my name for the Amazon reviews section?


A4:  Follow this link for instructions.


Q5:  I want to grab a free download but I am not sure which option to choose from the product page.


A5:  Follow this link for instructions.


Q6:  I want to access Kindle's built in dictionary. How do I download it?


A6:  Run the Kindle app. Open any book, select a word on any page. A popup menu appears. One of the entries is "Dictionary", select it. If this is the first time you are accessing the dictionary, it will download automatically.


Q7:  I have the Kindle app installed on many devices. Where is the name of my device listed and how do I change it?


A7:  Run the Kindle app. The application title bar, on the left top most side of the window in which Kindle runs, lists the name of the device. To change this name, log onto your online account (,, etc.). Select the "Your Account" drop down and pick the "Manage your content and devices" line. Next select the "Your Devices" tab. Select the ellipses button of the device you want to rename. Pick "Edit" at the top of the popup that follow, then change the name and press the "Save" button. You may need to reboot or resync your device for the change to be visible.


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