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Using OverDrive with the Calgary Public Library. Certain eBooks cannot be read with the OverDrive app. I am still able to check them out, but how do I read them? I get this error message:


PDF eBook

This format doesn’t work on this device


These eBooks can be read with Adobe Digital Editions, which is free.

You can install the app from the Adobe website at:

Follow the instructions to download and install the app, then run it, and leave it running.

The application icon will probably look like this, unless it changed since.

Go back to the library website:

Make sure you are logged in, then click on the "Checked out" link from the "My Account" drop down menu.


From there click on your Digital category:


From the list of all your digital checkouts, navigate to the book you could not open in OverDrive. For example :



Click the "Download Adobe PDF" link. Your browser will show the downloading typically in the lower left corner as it happens.


This file will finish downloading into your Windows Downloads folder. In this case it has an .ACSM extension.

Make sure Adobe Digital Editions is still open, which you should see in the Task bar at the bottom of your Windows screen.


Drag the file icon from the left towards the the app icon on the right.

As you hover the mouse over (don't let go yet) the Adobe Digital Editions icon, its app will surface and you can continue to drag the mouse into its screen space.

The mouse icon will change to have a plus in it. At the time you can “drop” the file by letting go of the mouse. The book will start loading and open automatically.

Note the paging arrows do not always work with such books. Use the scroll bar to navigate through the book when all other navigation methods fail.


Let us know if this solution worked for you here.



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