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I downloaded the free eBook version. How do I submit an amazon review?



First log in to your Amazon account.

All books, digital and paper versions that you have either downloaded for free or purchased appear in the “Your Orders” section.

To go there, hover over or click the “Your Account” drop-down.

Then select the “Your Orders” menu entry.




Scroll down to the book (or item) you want to review.

Press the "Write a product review" button on the right side.





The item you selected will appear at the top in the list that follows.

Notice here (see the blue arrow) you can also change your Reviewer Nickname if you are not comfortable with using your name publicly. To change the name before you proceed, click the "Change" hyperlink.





Click the star or drag your mouse over the stars, and a text box will appear automatically.

Add a header and the text you want to appear in your Amazon review. Press the "Submit" button when finished.





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