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I am willing to post a review but I don't want my real name to appear publicly.

How do I edit my name for the Amazon reviews section?



Log into your Amazon account via the relevant webpage: is you are in Canada, if you are in the US,

and so on.


Hover over the arrow of the "Your Account" section, then click on the "Your Orders" link.






Notice that on "Your Orders" page each product has a "Write a product review" button that appears on the right side of the product. Press any of these buttons to gain access to your reviewer user name.






The list of "Your Reviews" appear next.

In the right top corner you will see your current user name.

This is the name that appears in any product review that you are going to post.  







Press the "Change" link if you wish to modify the name.

Type the new user name you want to use in your reviews.

Press the "Done" button when finished.




Now that you have the exact name you wish to use, return to "Your Orders" page to select a boook and post a review.

If you're not sure how to get there, click here to follow instructions for that page.


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