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 I want to grab a free download but I am not sure which option to choose from the product page.


Log into your Amazon account via the relevant webpage: is you are in Canada, if you are in the US,

and so on.


Select the "Kindle Store" option in the search box.

Type the name of the book or author. Press the search button on the right.


A list of results appears.

Select the book you wish to order from the list.

There are typically several options.

In this case we'll compare purchasing to renting the book via Kindle Unlimited.


Option 1, Renting

Pressing the "Read for Free" button (see blue arrow below) enrolls you in Kindle Unlimited.

The book is currently available in the Amazon eBook Library for free, but it may not be present all throughout the year.

Kindle Unlimited is sometimes free in the first month but otherwise incurs a monthly fee by Amazon.


Option 2, Owning a Free Copy

If you would like a permanent copy of the book, press “Buy now with 1-Click” (see the red arrow below).

The applied price at the moment, is whatever listed in the “Kindle Price” at the top.

 Make sure you download a copy during the Free Promo Dates to get it for $0.00 or a reduced price.


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