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Math 30-1, Function Transformations
by Lex Sharp


Function Transformations, Math 30-1

Conceptual Learning

Sharp Series

Authors: Lex Sharp, Bridget Koteles



Released: in progress

Language: English

Publisher: Fields of Code Inc.

Formats: Amazon Kindle Textbook, Paperback

Length: 160 pages




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Conceptual learning introduces the theory of function transformations for Math 30-1 in an easy to digest format. This volume is filled with colorful graphs that are indispensable to visualizing and developing a strong mathematical intuition. This topic is often perceived as confusing, which is why we made the volume so visual.


There are many solved problems in this book. We have selected them carefully as the most representative for each section. Each problem presents a typical template so students can then continue to excel at solving any other problems on their own.

We have worked under the assumption that students need a quick ramp up with this subject, that students only study the topic for a few weeks in a typically semestered course in grade 12. There is often no time to work on the large number of problems that is necessary to ace the diploma exam and tutors may not always be available. To such students we provide this book as a strong alternate.


The volume is fully compatible with the Math 30 curriculum in all provinces.


About the Author

Lex Sharp has a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science.



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