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Free Resources for Supporting Education

The resources listed here are our beyond top 10 free applications for learning, recommended by members of our staff and user submissions. The appear in no particular order.


Use several of these tools to create an amazing interactive classroom experience for your students and to provide them with efficient research tools.


Parents and teachers can support children to master computer literacy. 

We categorized these as "meaningful computer use".

Listed tutorials were checked for relevancy and appropriate language.


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Apps & Contents Shortcuts

Creating Voice/Chat Groups



Reading, digital

Amazon Kindle


Adobe Digital Editions





Librivox audiobooks


Digital Art Creation




3D Creations


Sketchup Make



Math Tools


GeoGebra for 3D (see tutorial)

and GeoGebra classic


Academix: Grade-based Math resources


Organizing and Planning Your Learning and Designs

Google Keep


Google Slides

Google Docs



Coding and Creating Web Sites

Google Blogger

Coding with Scratch

Coding for Kids, How to Get Started...


Math Clubs

Math Club


Digital Learning, Courses

Learn Math: IXL


Khan Academy



How To...

Study Tips



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Coding with Scratch 3.0 Series
Color Your Way to Math Series




Amazon Kindle Reader App and Free eBooks


Install the software, create an account, then search amazon for free books. The reader app can be installed on any computer, and is free. Sometimes new books are uploaded and for a certain time they are free.


The app is typically downloaded from, but your account is best created on for the Canadian version.


Link to this app


Searching for Free eBooks

After you created an account, log in at, then search as shown here in: select "Kindle Store" from the drop0down, type the word "free" and select the results.

This is a shortcut to a current search for free children's books on amazon: shortcut, kids eBooks, free


 Playing with Sound: Audacity


You can edit or record sound. Apply filters, change the pitch, speed, add echo, fade out and more.
Some schools require an application to record band practices, this is a good application for creating such files.


Link to this app


Example Tutorial 



 Reading eBooks: OverDrive, Calgary Public Library


Install this app to download free eBooks from your local Calgary Public Library. There are a large number of audio books as well.

See also Adobe Digital Editions below, for the same purpose.


This app requires a library card.


Link to this app

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, where you will find:

Choose one of these links depending on what type of computer you have and install the app.


The OverDrive Channel on YouTube 



Reading eBooks: Adobe Digital Editions


When you are not able to open an eBook with OverDrive (not all eBooks are supported by OverDrive) you can instead use Adobe Digital Editions. It can open a very large variety of eBook types. It works well with the Calgary Public Library stock.


Link to this app


After installing you must create an Adobe ID (basically your e-mail and create a new password), run the app you installed and from the Help menu choose "Authorize Computer". Open from the menu or drag library downloads into view.



3D modeling and printing app: Autodesk Tinkercad


1. Create 3D designs that you use either in digital form, or with 3D printing for a science project.

Application is free but does require you create a free login to access the learning resources.

2. Create a simulation for your Circuits designs before you implements them.


Link to YouTube videos for this app:



Manage Task Lists with Google Keep


Get organized with this app, or prepare lesson plans and check them off as you go. Share your organized boards with other users so they can edit and post on the board, permit editing by using their emails. You can make your board completely public.


This app requires a Gmail account.


Link to this app


Tutorial How to Install and Use Google Keep




3D Design with Sketchup Make


Construct 3D scenery. If you are into architecture, 3D printing, design, technical drawing and prototyping, then this is the app for you.


Link to this web


The Complete Beginner's Tutorial 



 Draw with Autodesk Sketchbook


Drawing on your tablet. Excellent for comics and similar work.

This amazing software is currently free.


Link to this app




Google's, Blogger


Create your own blog.


Sign in with your Gmail account.


Link to this app




Create Comics with Pixton


A partial version is free. Create comics with preset characters or your own.


Link to this app


Example Tutorial 



Lego Building Software


You will never run out of pieces or maybe you are running out of space storing your blocks. Your Lego creation can be digital so no space needed at all. Share your creation with the public or keep them private. Create your own online competition with your friends and classmates.

This app can also be used to create 3D prototypes for science projects. Use it to practice team work while building something really complex.


Link to this app - not supported anymore :-(


Example Tutorial 



eAudiobooks, Calgary Public Library


On this page you can find many services, for example: Hoopla. You can rent up to 6 digital movies and TV shows a month free with your library card. Scroll through the services your are interested in.


Link to Service



Librivox, Audio Books


Listen to volunteers reading classic books by Aristotle, Plato, Mary Everest Boole, and many more.

If you like to philosophy with your child we recommend: Philosophy and Fun of Algebra, by Mary Everest Boole.


Link to Service



Coding for Kids with Scratch, by MIT


Learn coding by using visual elements on a scripting canvas. Introduce concepts: loops, variables, events, running a program and more.

The service is available online or you can download an offline version. The offline app is great for those long car trips, have your child code while traveling.


Link to Service



IXL, Math


Practice Math and have the system check and grade your work.

The service is available for pay, but also provides a number of free worksheets per day without having to log in. Make this part of your daily Math routine or enrichment.

Canadian Curriculum and other countries are available, for example the Singapore version.


Link to Service



Coursera, Online Classes by Various Universities

This service bundles offerings from universities all over the world in English and a few other languages as well.

The classes are delivered in video format, most have online interactive worksheets. You can learn almost anything here. This is a great option for older students who are assessing themselves for what they want to study further after high school, catch up, or enrichment.

Example for age 10 and up: children playing an instrument we recommend the Fundamentals of Music Theory course.


Link to Service




Khan Academy, Online Learning

Classes for all subjects and all ages, delivered in video format, and online interactive worksheets.

Example:  Early Math, Table of Contents.
See also coding with JavaScript classes, for younger audiences:


Link to Service





Make flash cards or use cards made by someone else to save time. This system has millions of study sets shared by other users. Before you start making your own card set, search first, likely someone has already created one before you, copy it and modify from there.

Turn flashcard sets into a tests, games or use them as you would paper cards. This system also has spellcheck capabilities and built in sound to pronounce for vocabulary sets.

Link to Service


Example Tutorial 



Study Tips, Learning Techniques and Methodologies

This YouTube channel explains Experiential Learning, The Feynman Technique, Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset, Waldorf School Education, Montessori, The Flipped Classroom Model, Process Learning and more.

Link to Channel



Google Slides

This service is very similar to MS PowerPoint. You can add WordArt, shapes, videos, images, charts, animations, etc.

The power of this tool is that slideshows can be made public and thus be easily used in classroom and for homework to be accessed by your students.

Log in with your Google account.

Link to Service


Example Tutorial 

Hyperlinking your graphics:



Google Docs

An alternative to Microsoft's Word. The program can be used to have several students collaborate on a project online editing the same document.
A large volume of document templates are available.

Log in with your Google account.

Link to Service


Example Tutorial

How to collaborate: 




Creating interactive books in game style formats. Install desktop version or use online.
You can also use this tool to cover the planning stage of your story writing, or planning an interactive science lesson.

Link to Service


User Level


Example Tutorial 



Codecademy, Coding Courses for Kids

A list of courses for kids wanting to learn coding.
Accounts are free, create your login and start learning.

Link to Resource


User Level





Discord, Voice and Chat Tool

This tool is intended for gamers but can be used for closed groups working on science projects or virtual classrooms. Create the space and invite classmates to join to keep the interactions private.

Link to Service


User Level





Flipgrid is a video interaction app built for collaborating in classrooms. Teachers can pose questions in video format and students respond in video format as well.
The tool was recently purchased by Microsoft (June 18, 2018) and is now offered free to educators.

Link to Service



User Level





A design program that you can use to make posters, graphs, charts, etc.

Link to Service



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