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Coding with Scratch 3.0
   Workbook 3

by Lex Sharp






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Transition from MIT Scratch Beta to the Final Release Version 3.0

MIT Scratch 3.0 was formally released in January 2019.

A few differences happened in their software so by mid January we adapted the workbook to reflect these changes and republished the volumes.

These changes are not essential and do not affect usability of the workbooks.



How do you know which volume you have?
The old volume does not have the "ver 3.0" seal on the cover. The new updated volume has the "ver 3.0" seal on the cover.
The following notes will help you with the transition.   The volume was updated on amazon. You do not need the list below.
    Updated January 17, 2019



Page 3

The beta site no longer exists. If you happen to type the original beta hyperlink as shown on page 10, Scratch will automatically redirect you to the 3.0 welcome page and you will be able to continue working correctly.

Should this no longer be the case in the future, use the hyperlink: instead.

This is not an issue for the time being (January 2019).


Page 4

The drop down dialog presented at the top of the page has changed a bit. Instead of "Download to your computer" the option now says "Save to your computer".


Page 11

The following block is shown in its initial state as it was in the Beta version of the software.

This exact combinaiton of x position and Stage was only available prior to January 2019.

In the current version 3.0 the block does not have the "x position" possibility on the left side when the Stage is selected on the right.  Instead you will probably see it as shown below, or some other combination.

To find the block with ease in the Sensing category, look for the block that has three parts:

          - a dropdown on the left,

          - the work "of" in the middle, and

          - a second dropdown on the right.


To get the "x position" on the left the reader must first select a sprite other than the Stage on the right side first. This is because the Stage does not have an x position in the final 3.0 release version.

Other than not being able to spot the block right away in the Sensing category, there is no impact on the volume's workflow.


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